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May is for Thankfulness

/ Hope 94.5

When it comes to a busy season, May does mark the beginning of the race: gardening, graduations, vacations, block parties, and weddings; a pace that doesn’t slow down until September.

However, May is full of another kind of busyness, the best kind of busyness: appreciating others. I think of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, lesser known but just as important “holidays” -nurses week, teachers week, and civil servants week.

Everyday we’re sure to accomplish much, but not on our own. Whether or not we recognize it, everyday our lives are impacted by someone’s love, humility, dedication, and compassion.

Appreciation of each other draws us together and reminds us of how much we need each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says to “encourage one another and build one another up”; let’s keep doing that! I’ve heard stories, and I’m sure you have, of a thank you that kept a police officer on the beat for another year, kept a nurse pulling double duty for another week, or held a mom together.

Where would we be without our mothers?
Where would we be without our soldiers?
Where would we be without our unsung heroes?

After all, wouldn’t it be a shame to wake up tomorrow, with only what we thanked God for today.

Let me be the first to say:

Thank you.