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End of Summer Adventures

/ Hope 94.5
Summer and good weather days are counting down…and so are the opportunities for summer’s classic impromptu adventures.
Adventures that don’t have to drain the budget or energy.
Add a few of these ideas to your family’s summer bucket list:
-water fight
-bike trail
-yard sale
-tie-dye t-shirts
-lemonade stand
-volunteer for a cause
-make pudding popsicles
-start and actually finish a puzzle
-camp fire, complete with smores
-try something you’ve never done: dry flowers, make jewelry, bike somewhere
-catch and eat fish
-tailgate at a game
-drive in movie theater
-watch airplanes take off and land
-work on a project for a fair competition
-and don’t forget to schedule ‘me time’ along with ‘their time’
A good time and lasting memories don’t have to be expensive, long, and drawn out. In fact, someone once said, spend twice as much time with your kids and half as much money.
Let these last, fun memories carry you through the cool weather days that’ll keep you inside, kids going back to school, PTA meetings, homesick college students, and careers going full steam until Thanksgiving…
Written by Rebekah Wright