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Leaving Behind the Rat Race for a September Soulcation!

/ Hope 94.5
We’ve got a handle on scheduling R&R time: Little league, pool parties, birthdays, beaches, hiking, college scouting trips, amusement parks, weekend getaways and vacations. Yet we’re still restless. Always in a hurry. That’s because we need to give our souls rest.
When daily life is getting overwhelming, it’s essential that we pull away.
Jesus gave us an example in the New Testament where many times in His ministry He pulled away and went to a place of solitude. A place away from demands, the noise, and the schedules you and I carry. Jesus’ spirit drive Him there. A place where His soul could hear the Father’s still small voice. He got strength and guidance.
We take vacations when we’re in a rut; when we need a change of pace. Time spent with God gives us clarity to better see and live life.
As my pastor has said, come a part before you do come a part!
The more noise in our lives the more quiet time we need. The greater our burdens the greater our need to more often get alone with God. Fight to have those quiet moments; they might not be long, but they make a difference. It might be on your work commute, or the time between when you’re kids get on the bus and the rest of your day starts.
As we’re moving into a new season that brings a busyness all its own, it’s not our physical energy we need to sustain as much as our spiritual stamina. More than a family vacation for physical rest we need to get away on a soulcation. Someplace beyond the one verse read, the five minute prayers and daily devotions. Depending on what’s going on in life we need to spend more time with God; lose track of time and just spend time in the Word until our spiritual tank is filled up.
Carve out time. Go out in nature and spend some focused time with God. Jesus often went to the mountains. For you it might mean packing a picnic lunch, a lawn chair, your bible, a notebook and throwing them in the backseat and taking a trip to a park, a scenic garden, or the woods and just get alone, one on one, with God.  
Prayer is essential to a vital Christian life. Time spent with God: regroups, refocuses, and repairs relationships with Him and those in our lives.
We’re at the end of a long summer where you’ve given and given of your time, working long hours and multiple jobs, community and church involvement…the Lord knows and appreciates and He’s waiting for you to slow down and come to Him for that rest you can’t find anywhere else.
Take a soulcation and rest in your relationship with the Lord, the greatest blessing of all.

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