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Making Friends with Fall

/ Hope 94.5

“Fall is the season of death”

“You know it’s fall at my house when you open the door and are hit in the face by pumpkin spice”

“The leaves fall as I fall deeper into depression”

Just a few ways I’ve heard fall described.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I get seasonally depressed and moving back North where winter is darker, colder and snowy makes it all the more important for me to surround myself with a support system. So I weekly do fun things with my family, I call friends on a routine basis, and I take weekend getaways.

Can I encourage you like a good friend encouraged me? Invite the new season into your home. Bake. Decorate. Invite friends into  your home to keep it cheery and warm. America doesn’t run on Instagrammed pumpkin spice lattes, however it does run on lattes with friends.

The weather’s cooler now so we already feel like baking dumplings and buying orange round pumpkins, so why not invite your friends over to keep your home warm, cheery and bright. Men have hunting and hobbies to find enjoyment and friendships.  We women have resources too: casseroles, prayer chains, and children’s play dates, etc.

Psalm 23 is a great passage that reminds us that in every season God is our comforter where  the peaceful rivers and green pastures often appear as a timely phone call, a get together, or a casserole. Your friends need you as much as you need them. Stay connected and plugged in…to your support system in every season!

Scientists have figured out the more face to face communication we do the less lonely we are. So do you need to strengthen the support system for fall? Do you need to invest in a few more coffee catch ups and lunch get-togethers?

Good friends help one another see the beauty in changing seasons. Maybe you’ll even learn to love pumpkin spice!

Share a cup of pumpkin spice

Share a walk under turning trees

Share friendship

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