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Five on Friday: Timeless Hymns Edition

/ Hope 94.5

We grew up with them, we sang them them in church, and many of us can still remember (most) of the worst. Hymns, those beautiful pieces of music praising our savior continue to find new life and timeless qualities with each successive generation of musicians. The sounds and arrangements may change, but their message is always the same.

This week we dug through our music library, and both this Friday and next Friday are dedicated to some of our listeners’ favorite hymns, sung by some of their favorite artists. Don’t forget to vote for FIVE ON FRIDAY, where you can help us choose which great hymns sung by great contemporary artists that you want to hear.

Vote in our poll, share with your friends, and tune in to Five on Friday, from 9-10 in the morning, and from 5-6 in the afternoon.

Five on Friday 11/9
Poll closed: Nov. 9, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

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