When is enough? How much is enough? Enough is not a precise measurement and destination. Because every time we think of what we do not have, what we do have will never be enough. Rather, let's count our blessings, which grows every time we recount. 

Thanksgiving marks, or rather the middle of October marks the holiday season. I was just in the grocery store and saw a Christmas cookie display-it wasn't yet November. To the marketer and to the shopper, enough sales, enough things, aren't enough. The shopping season must start ealier to have time to get all we need. 

But what do we need?

What did the pilgrims need in 1620 when they landed the Mayflower on the coast of Massachusetts? They needed food and shelter. Protection from illness and Native Americans would be a luxury. Even then they'd arrived on the outskirts of winter and there was no food to be harvested and the time window for building was narrow. Had they wasted their time trying to rebuild the cozy homes they'd left in England, they all would have perished in the cold New England winters. They did what they could with what they had and it was enough.

Fast forward to the next year from their landing and we find them in different circumstances. Though half their people had died in the first winter, enough people survived to begin tilling and planting the surrounding land. Enough survived to build more homes, sturdier homes. Enough survived to make it a colony, a founding we still point back to as the small beginnings of a great nation. They held a great feast and celebration to give the Father thanks, that there had been enough.

It was a small beginning, but not insignificant. If they couldn't have endured the cold meager beginning, they would never endure the harder trials of growing a nation. Thanks to a providential Father and Native American friends, they endured. To the thankful person, enough is a lot. Are we Thankful? In the added commercialism of the holidays, let's pause to count our blessings, which grow with each recount.