Send Us Your Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and there are just so many things that we're thankful for. Since Psalm 26:7 says to proclaim our thanksgiving and tell all of God's wondrous works, Hope 945 wants to hear from YOU!

We would like our listeners to use their smartphones to record themselves saying their first name and town, and one of the things they are thankful for this year, and emailing the recording to, because we want to play those thankful thoughts on the air, on the Thanksgiving Day! We would like to hear from everyone, and fill the airways with thankfulness.

Of course, the real question is "Louie, how do I do that?"

Well, thanks to cell phone technology, it's easier than ever!

All you have to do is open up the camera on your smart phone, the one you normally take pictures with, and switch it to video mode. No matter what kind of smart phone you have, all camera apps have this function, and you can switch to video mode by either tapping the word "video" or the video camera icon, OR, if you have an iPhone, by swiping from left to right across the bottom of the screen. Presto! Now you're ready to record.

You either just have to tap the "record" icon to start, and the "stop" icon stop filming. (For some camera apps, you may have to hold down the record button to record.)

Then, just say your first name and town, and something you're thankful for this year! To make sure everyone gets a chance to be on the air, try to keep your video under thirty seconds.

After you're done recording, hit stop, and now your video is in your "Camera Roll," the place on your phone where you can look at all your pictures.

Now you're ready to send it to us!

If you have your email on your phone, most phones will let you email the video right from your camera app! Open your camera roll, tap the video you just took, and when it comes up, tap it again to make sure the menu at the top or bottom is visible. From there, there should be an option to share the photo in an email. The "Share" icon is usually a small box with a swooshy arrow coming out of it. Make sure you tap the "email" option, and send it to

If your camera roll won't let you do that, just open your email app yourself, compose a new message to and either tap the "attachments" icon at the top (It's usually a paperclip) or, on an iPhone, double tap a blank area in the email itself to find the "insert" option. From there, all your have to do is select the short video you just recorded from your pictures, and send it our way!

If you don't have your email on your phone, you just have to connect your phone to your computer like you normally would if you were going to take pictures off of it. 
For most PCs, even if you have an iPhone, an message box will automatically pop up, asking you if you want to import your photos and videos from the phone. Just click "yes," then open up your email on your computer, compose a new email to, and attach your video before sending it!
For a Mac, connect your phone with the cable, and the "Photos" app on your Mac should open automatically. From there, all you have to do is import the pictures you want, open up your email, compose a new email to, and select your thanksgiving video as the attachment!

We look forward to hearing your thankful thoughts soon! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, from all of us here at Hope945 HD2!