The Greatest Gift Ever Given

Gift giving is one of the most fun and at the same time, most challenging parts of Christmas! We try to find a gift they need, want, that fits their lifestyle or personality. We try to make money and bending over backwards of no obligation when it comes to giving from the heart to the ones we love.

Love is a powerful thing. It can’t be earned, only given. Love doesn’t take life, it gives life-even its own.

The greatest gift ever given, the gift of love.

John 3:16 records this gift of love, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have ever lasting.”

Love that cost a life, took years to make possible, money can’t buy it and no amount of groveling can earn it. It’s a free gift. Jesus, born a humble birth, to die a sinner’s death, He lived a humble life, teaching the cursed world how to love and forgive, showing them how to live in peace, healing their broken, and raising their dead. Jesus is peace and goodwill to all. His followers wrote down His words to be passed along to you and me. Eventually, Jesus’ journey lead Him to the cross, to die for the sins of the world past, present, and to come. What is love? It’s the ultimate sacrifice of the innocent for the offender. Genesis 3:15 says Jesus is coming to save the world from death. In Luke 24:46 Jesus defeats death, and now the gift of salvation is available for all who chose to accept it. Jesus eagerly waits to see our happy faces and freed hearts the day we open His free gift of salvation. It took years to get, and cost His life, but that was ok He knew it was the one gift we needed-the gift of salvation, the greatest gift ever given came from his heart to the ones He loves-you and me.

As you give gifts this season, make sure you’ve received the greatest gift ever given, the love of God.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!